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The significance of Food Legislation In Distance Selling

Some companies that manufacture or sell food mistakenly feel that they don’t have to revise their business website with food safety and labelling regulations, however this is not the case because this data is essential. Not only do the normal regulations affect information presented on a website but there could also be extra rules that apply when selling or promoting food products online.

Carrying out a food legislation review can help a business to spot areas on their site where they have to make improvements. When making improvements businesses need to take into account the food distance selling regulations – which fundamentally govern how food products are sold or promoted online via websites or social media sites. These rules apply when you are selling items to consumers with out any face to face contact.

When selling food via the internet the products are controlled by UK food law – for that reason must include the same food labeling and hygiene information as if these were being offered from a supermarket shelf. Along with considering these vital issues it will likewise be important to consider the state which the food products will be in when they get to the consumer – i.e. the length of time the delivery process should take, the way the items must be packaged and just how fresh they must be when sent out for delivery. Considerations in this particular area ought to include how you are going to keep refrigerated foods cool through the delivery process and how much packaging the foodstuff items should have to make sure that they do not become impaired or inedible upon arrival.

A food legislation review which is often carried out periodically – perhaps every 3-6 months – will make sure that the website is updated to get compliant with the latest food laws and legislation like the Weights and Measures Act, Food Safety Act and Food Labelling Regulations. It will identify any aspects of concern and make suggestions on how you can improve this to make certain your distance selling procedures are fully compliant.

For more information about food distance selling regulations or how a food legislation review will help your company there is additional information at www.foodchainadvisors.eu.

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